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Week 2: Brisbane II

Walking through Brisbane you are guaranteed to meet all kinds of strange birds. Some of them have a bill so long, they look like a European trying to eat with Asian chopsticks for the first time. Others seem to have recognized the boundless opportunities that arise, when you can watch inside a bedroom through window while sitting on the rooftop.

Some of the plants appeal at least as strange to a European eye, as the birds do. Some of the most exceptional can be found at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens at the foot of Mount Coot-tha only 10 minutes from where we live right now.

In Australia beauty and abomination, meadow and concrete, modernity and past seem to collide even more directly than in other parts of the world. This picture captures these contrasts. On the left one can see the edge of an immense construction site marking one end of an automobile tunnel planning to open 2015. On the right, separated by a solid wall one can see the edge of the Brisbane Botanic Gardens.

These pictures represent another aspect of the clashing contrasts in Brisbane. With the city’s economic rise following the World Expo in 1988, there has been a true construction mania in the last decades up until today. Glass cube after glass cube, skyscraper after skyscraper replaced almost all of the buildings, which still hat a connection to the cities foundation around 170 years ago.

When the sun disappears behind the skyline, the city begins to glow and the youth begins to party. Although alcohol is vastly expensive compared to German levels, somehow they still can afford it. There might be an almost fifty percent chance of a student party in Germany becoming a “kitchen party”. The same applies for Australian student parties, except you have to replace “kitchen” with “porch”, as the fieriness of the day alters to pleasing, fresh warmth during nights.

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