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Arrival: Brisbane I

I arrived in Brisbane on a Thursday. There is a lot of water in this city. The Brisbane River goes right through the center of it. There are ferries that circle around several stations at the riverside on a ten minute basis, too. You don’t have to pay for them and you even get a free, mumbled greeting by the staff almost every time you enter or leave.

We spend the first day at a parkland right in the middle of the city, before the guy we stayed at the first couple of nights picked us up. I was exhausted and jetlagged and in the afternoon I entered delirious places, I think I have never been at before. The only thing that kept me awake was the overwhelming experience of a whole different environment. Plants, trees, birds, smells and noises all of which I have never heard, smelled or seen before.


The place we stayed at the first couple of nights was located in a suburb of Brisbane. I suddenly felt like being replaced into American Beauty – except there where palm trees everywhere. I got rid of the jetlag and waited for my body to adopt to the quite different climate while experiencing the astounding hospitality and friendliness of an Australian family.

You should image me walking around almost every place I’d go in the first couple of days in a way like Alice walked around right after falling into that whole in the ground. I was that overwhelmed by everything, trying to soak up everything that I almost stepped onto this little guy. Lucky enough he was way more laid back upon that than I was and I still managed to take a photo.


Actually I tend to believe that these kind of markets are almost the same all around the world. At least the Australian ones are quite similar to the German ones. Except more sunglasses and less sausages.

We had a great time walking along the coastline. There were much more boats and people there and we even got to see a shipwreck a lot of people pay lots of money to see on the ground of the ocean.

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